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It's time for a sea change.


Flat fees and per project quotes

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Flexible pricing options that keep you on budget.

Because you should be paying for value, not for time

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Flat Fee Pricing

The traditional law firm model is antiquated and unsustainable for modern business.

There is no incentive for efficiency when a lawyer is billing based on time.

Instead, we approach our pricing

based on a number of factors:

 ~ the complexity of the legal matter

~ depth of knowledge required

~ the uniqueness of the transaction 

~ the value to the client in obtaining legal advice

 - and -

~ the time expediency required from our client.

These factors are translated into a 

flat fee price for legal services for straightforward legal matters.

For custom and complex projects we discuss the details of your business deal at the start,

and provide a flat fee quote based on

a particular scope of services.

In some circumstances, time is the best measure of value, so we do use it on occasion. However, clients may set a cap on the time to budget their costs at the start.

For clients requiring frequent legal advice we offer subscription packages based on the level of need.

Our flexible pricing options give our clients the freedom to choose the depth of advice they want within a budget they can manage.   

This is modern law.

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